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Delta RCS AS
P.O.Box 1065
NO-3204 Sandefjord

Besøks addresse:
Søndre Kullerød 4A
NO-3241 Sandefjord

Tlf +47 33448390

E-post: sales@delta-rcs.no


TCV – Tracking Communication & Ventilation.

The only complete system for safety and environment in mines and tunnels.

Focused on:loadertruck

  • Health, environment, safety and QA
  • Flexsible solutions
  • Energy consumption
  • Reliability
  • Quick and easy installation

Your solution for:

  • Tracking of vehicles and persons
  • VOD, On-demand ventilation control
  • Digital voice communication
  • High speed data communication

System benefits:


  • Real time tracking of persons and equipment
  • Long life tag battery, 10 years of operation
  • Active and passive tags for tunnel and gates
  • Detection and logging of persons and vehicles passing without tag.
  • Rescue App, mobile unit, records all movements in and out of the tunnel, on-line.


  • VOD, Ventilation On Demand
  • Controlling the underground environment and reduce ventilation cost by 25-50%
  • Ventilate according to air contamination or by manual operation (Co and NOx gas measurement)
  • Logging of environmental data and power consumption
  • Mobile operators panel, for high efficiency operation


  • WLAN, Wireless high-speed data, covering allUnderground areas
  • VoIP, voice over IP, using standard smart phones
  • Self-surveillance system, warning of power failure or lost communication.
  • Global data communication with mobile og stationary installations
  • Integrated warning system for Fire, Blast and high water level
  • Digital UHF voice communication

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New!! See also information regarding TCV Rescue App and Delta_Site Information Display!!


Reference projects:

  • E16, Lærdalstunnelen, Road tunnel; 24,5km long. 1995 to 1998. NCC
  • FP2, E6 and Dovrebanen. Road tunnel; 5,6km. Railroad tunnel; 6,8km. 2012 to 2016. Veidekke – Hochtief.
  • UFP Farriseide-Porsgrunn, Railroad tunnel; 14,5km. 2012 to 2018. NCC, Veidekke, Skanska and Implenia..
  • Rv13 Ryfast, dual road tunnel, 14,3km long under water tunnel.2012 to 2019. Marti IAV TUCON and AF Anlegg.
  • Plus 14 other installations in operation.